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Our implements are known for their in-built quality and we continuously review our systems and processes to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Radium Engineering has, since 1976, strived for exceptional quality, innovative designs and dependability in its agricultural and farming equipment. This has made the company well-respected and recognised within the agricultural industry of South Africa, as well as beyond its borders. An ongoing research and development programme ensures that Radium farming and agricultural products remain at the forefront of current technology, both in new product design and in the development of existing models. Satisfying the equipment needs of farmers based both locally and abroad has always been a top priority.

Radium Engineering is undoubtedly a leading specialist when it comes to agricultural and farming equipment. Its comprehensive range of quality agricultural machinery continues to prove its reliability, effectiveness and functionality year after year. With a vested interest in bringing the best possible products to the farming world, the company is always looking for ways to improve, expand and develop further.

With years of expertise, a passion for the agricultural industry and a commitment to manufacturing superior farming implements in South Africa, Radium Engineering is the answer to all your farming and agricultural equipment needs.

Radium Engineering offers a wide range of equipment for farming:

  • Spreading equipment, for the purpose of spreading fertiliser, lime, gypsum, or dry organic material on pastures, row crops, orchards and vineyards.
  • Tillage equipment, suitable for most primary farming ploughing operations. Our tillage equipment also comprises pasturators, ideal for aerating the soil on dairy farms.
  • Rock removal equipment, perfect for any road maintenance on the farm. Perfect for rock picking or raking on the farm.
  • Road graders, which are used to create fire breaks, levelling tough earth, laying out new roads and any other sort of every-day farm road maintenance.
  • Rotary cutters, including fixed knife technology ideal for cutting large areas of row crops, as well as flex-wing rotary cutters for cutting grass or wheat straw, or maneuvering through vineyards and orchards.
  • Feeding equipment, machines used for shredding and combining all the components of a unifeed ration, making it great feeding equipment for your livestock. 

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Radium Engineering
Radium Engineering
Radium Engineering
Radium Engineering
Radium Engineering