The tillage process plays a vital role in ensuring that crops have the best opportunity to thrive. It’s important that the soil is prepared correctly (through mechanical agitation) before planting takes place.

As far back as the 1960’s, Radium Engineering has been manufacturing quality tillage equipment for both local and international markets. Over the years, the products have been refined through extensive research, allowing Radium to offer tillage equipment that not only meets the requirements of the farming industry, but surpasses them.

Initially, there was a need to create a product that reached depths of up to 500mm without having to change the angle of the shear. To satisfy this, the four-lever spring-trip mechanism was born. This mechanism meant that the angle of the shear was constant but the machinery would automatically trip-out when the shear encountered an obstacle in the soil.

The next matter was to design a suitable frame that was able to support the heavy tine assemblies. The robust A-frame was the answer. Lastly, the improved equipment needed to be able to overcome the problematic bulldozing effect its predecessors had caused. The focus then shifted to the development of the shear and tine, as well as the result: the V-sweep shear did not smear the soil. Further advances led to the development of the hammerhead shear, which was designed to lift the soil two inches, thus allowing the soil to be broken up naturally as it flows over the shear. It was the C-shaped tine that was responsible for the movement of the soil over the shear, while simultaneously maintaining a surface angle that reduces the packing of excess material among the tines.

Today, Radium offers a range of tillage equipment to suit a variety of ploughing needs.

The Dual Tine Ripper eliminated compaction around and below the deep-working sheers and allowed water and roots to penetrate deeper for improved and more consistent growth.

The Radium PowerRip is about the effective use of energy. It is a basic, three-point mounted machine that comes in practical sizes to match the available horsepower of most tractors.

Rising input costs and ever more unpredictable weather patterns raise questions over the efficiency and viability of existing, conventional tillage methods. Radium regarded the issues carefully and developed the ZoneTill.