In order to get work done faster and more efficiently out in the pasture, every farmer requires a reliable and durable spreader. Radium Engineering offers a diverse range of spreaders, each containing the ingenious Transpread design first developed by David Hoyle in the 1960s.

It’s the first-class combination of a chain conveyor, three-speed ground-related gearbox and an easy adaptation system for variable rate spreading that makes Radium’s spreaders second to none and able to tackle any dispersal job. They are easy to control and they offer flexibility and precision out in the pastures – all a farmer needs to get a job done fast and effectively.

Built to work, the BulkSpread carries massive amounts of material that can be applied at excessive rates.

Crafted to have a delicate touch, the CompacSpread is the perfect solution for orchards and vineyards.

The EconoSpread was created as an economically viable option for the small to medium-scale farmer.

Designed for medium to large-scale farmers and contractors, the ProSpread is ideal for spreading fertiliser, lime, gypsum, or dry organic material at exactly the rate you need.