For farmers in search of spreaders that can easily be manoeuvred between tight or small spaces, Radium Engineering is the answer. Because it offers a range of varying sizes, including a compact model, application jobs on all scales can be managed effectively and precisely.

Radium began producing Transpread agricultural spreaders in the mid-90s, modelled on the earlier innovative design developed by David Hoyle in the 1960s. It combines a chain conveyor, three-speed ground-related gearbox and an easy adaptation system for variable rate spreading, making it the ultimate in spreader equipment. Machinery that operates in orchards and vineyards needs to be compact and with Radium Engineering, you can get all the benefits of top-class spreading equipment, but in a more condensed form.

Crafted to have a delicate touch, the CompacSpread is the perfect solution for orchards and vineyards.

The EconoSpread was created as an economically viable option for the small to medium-scale farmer.