In order to ensure the on-going and smooth-running of an agricultural or farming operation, maintenance is key. Road graders play an important role in maintaining the dirt and gravel roads often found throughout farmlands that make it possible to travel from one part of an agricultural area to another. Being able to move seamlessly between tasks and transport various elements and machinery around a farm makes for an efficient operation and optimal productivity.

A long blade (and sometimes more than one) is used to create a flat surface during the grading process, with the intention of creating a level base to form the foundation for a road and certain landscape improvements. Radium Engineering offers a range of durable and effective graders for hassle-free grading jobs. The versatility offered by these products ensures that a wide variety of maintenance jobs, big and small, are able to be carried out accurately and easily – upkeep has never been this effortless.

This light-duty maintenance grader couples directly to the tractor’s three-point linkage, making levelling easy and hassle-free.

Creating fire breaks, levelling areas, making new roads and day-to-day maintenance is easy with this practical and versatile grader.

Creating fire breaks, levelling tough earth, laying out new roads and any other sort of every-day maintenance is made easy with this hard-wearing, practical and versatile grader.

The Universal Grader is by far the most versatile and practical tractor-drawn road grader on the market today.