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    Upgrade your road using a grader to weather the storm

    Hundreds of dirt and gravel roads run through large commercial farms in South Africa. The farmer must always keep these roads in tip-top shape due to safety considerations as well as to make his vehicles’ tyres last longer. And in some cases, new access roads and driveways need to be built while in the many...
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    The increase in demand for organic and free-range chicken farm equipment products

    Chicken farmers who have gone organic with their birds and perhaps also produce eggs organically can look forward to reaping plentiful rewards for their efforts in many specialised markets in South Africa. In recent years, consumers have become more particular about the environmental footprint that they leave behind. Companies such as Radium Engine...
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    Farm equipment mixers to improve your animals’ appetite

    Radium Engineering has a wide range of farm equipment for sale to cater for the many different types of farming activities and farm sizes. Farm equipment and farm implements form part of the farmer’s all-important input costs every year. Profitability in crop and livestock production and in poultry farming is largely driven by input cost...
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    Cut across your pastures with ease using rotary cutters

    Orchard and vineyard management and management of row crops and pastures all require intensive maintenance practices if you want to improve your yield. Mowing is an integral part of a variety of crop maintenance practices along with soil cultivation, keeping pests and diseases at bay and the like on farms where fruit, maize, sunflowers and...
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    Farm equipment and crops needed to make your own livestock feed

    Growing your own vegetables for livestock feed is a viable solution for farmers who have limited access to high-quality feed due to ongoing drought conditions. Depending on where your farm is situated, the availability of feed might be limited, meaning that it will become more expensive to feed your animals. Making your own feed is...