Rising input costs and unpredictable weather patterns raise questions over the efficiency and viability of existing conventional tillage methods. Radium regarded the issues carefully and developed the ZoneTill. The concept of this machine is to work the soil only in the root-development areas by configuring the shanks exactly like the planter row units. This enables the farmer to work only particular zones of soil over wider areas, and the result is increased productivity and lower input costs.

Radium kept the design of the ZoneTill simple yet robust. The spring-trip assembly from the PowerRip, along with the unique C-shaped shank and hammerhead shear, lets the farmer disrupt the greatest amount of soil around the root zone while using the least amount of energy. The unbeatable hammerhead shear ensures that no side compaction or smearing occurs. This encourages early and improved root development, faster water absorption and increased soil aeration. Essentially, the ZoneTill creates an ideal seedbed for row crops, making it the best tillage equipment for vegetables.

Working in stubble and surface material is hassle-free with the addition of coulters, row closers and rollers. Further tillage operations, like the use of disc harrows, are no longer necessary. The rear-mounted rollers break apart larger clods usually brought to the surface during dry season. This versatile machine thereby allows farmers to work the soil whenever it suits them.

The ZoneTill is just one of the quality pieces of farming machinery in Radium’s tillage equipment range. Its specialist design makes it easier for farmers to till more efficiently and at the same time reduce costs.

  • Robust Frame Construction, manufactured from high-grade square and rectangular tubing and reinforced with steel plates.
  • Coulter Beam adds extra strength and rigidity to the frame, reducing flex and preventing breakages.
  • Accessory Beam adds extra strength and rigidity to the frame.  It reduces flex, prevents breakages and serves as a support bar for the row closers and rollers behind each tine.
  • Adjustable Drawbar by means of a hydraulic cylinder, available on trailed models, improves tracking in the land and reduces wear on the shears.  The ability to adjust the drawbar hydraulically allows transport of the machine in a level position which keeps the machine balanced and stable on the roads.
  • Wheel System and Depth Control (Trailed Models Only), the heavy duty torque tube ensures the wheels lift and lower the machine evenly.  The wheel system acts as the depth control, while the cylinder stops maintain a constant operating depth at all times.
  • Customized Row Spacing, according to the planter or the row widths of the crops, allows the machine and the planter to work in the same zone.
  • Leister Markers are positioned behind the machine to make guiding furrows.  The wheels of the planting tractor run in these furrows as a form of guidance.
  • Hydraulic Markers can be placed on the side of the machine to mark the next line the tractor needs to follow to ensure symmetrical rows.

NO. OF ROWS23456
ROW SPACING (mm/inch)760/910 (29-15/16-35-7/8)1500/2100 (59-82-11/16)760/910 (29-15/16-35-7/8)1500/2100 (59-82-11/16)760/910 (29-15/16-35-7/8)
DEPTH CONTROL WHEELS2 X 6.00 X 16.002 X 7.50 X 16.002 X 7.50 X 16.004 X 7.50 X 16.004 X 7.50 X 16.00
WIDTH (mm/inch)1400 (55-1/8)4559/5860 (179-1/2/230-3/4)3940/4319 (155-3/16-170)7559/9960 (297-5/8-392-1/8)4710/5460 (185-7/16-214)
TRANSPORT WIDTH (mm/inch)1400 (55-1/8)4559/5860 (179-1/2/230-3/4)3940/4319 (155-3/16-170)7559/9960 (297-5/8-392-1/8)4710/5460 (185-7/16-214)
LENGTH (mm/inch)3200 (126)3200 (126)3200 (126)3200 (126)3200 (126)
HEIGHT (mm/inch)1407 (55-3/8)1407 (55-3/8)1407 (55-3/8)1407 (55-3/8)1407 (55-3/8)
WEIGHT (kg/lbs)854 (1883)1668/1819 (3677/4010)1550/1885 (3417/4156)2747/3688 (6056/8130)2773/2844 (6113/6270)
TRACTOR POWER REQUIREMENT (kw/hp)52/7075/100100/135125/170160/215

NO. OF ROWS810121416
ROW SPACING (mm/inch)760/910 (29-15/16-35-7/8)760 (29-15/16)910 (35-7/8)910 (35-7/8)910 (35-7/8)
CARRY WHEELSN/AN/A4 X 560/60 R 22.56 X 560/60 R 22.56 X 560/60 R 22.5
DEPTH CONTROL WHEELS4 X 7.50 X 16.004 X 7.50 X 16.004 X 7.50 X 16.006 X 7.50 X 16.006 X 7.50 X 16.00
HITCH (cat.)IV NarrowIV NarrowTrailed (CAT 4)Trailed (CAT 4)Trailed (CAT 4/5)
WIDTH (mm/inch)6880/7929 (270-7/8-312-3/16)7750 (297-1/4)11256 (443-3/16)1325615256
TRANSPORT WIDTH (mm/inch)6880/7929 (270-7/8-312-3/16)7750 (297-1/4)5600 (220-1/2)5600 (220-1/2)5600 (220-1/2)
LENGTH (mm/inch)3200 (126)3200 (126)11235 (442-5/16)11235 (442-5/16)11235 (442-5/16)
HEIGHT (mm/inch)1407 (55-3/8)1407 (55-3/8)2351 (92-9/16)2351 (92-9/16)2351 (92-9/16)
WEIGHT (kg/lbs)3816/4189 (8413/9235)4214 (9290)10500 (23149)12500 (27558)14500 (31967)
TRACTOR POWER REQUIREMENT (kw/hp)220/300280/380343/460395/530448/600