Crafted to have a delicate touch, the CompacSpread is the perfect solution for orchards and vineyards. With reduced dimensions and a compact design, this versatile spreading machine  easily navigates between the tight spaces between vines and trees. Spread your choice of materials across your orchard and vineyard, or distribute it evenly and accurately underneath low foliage, where it is most needed.

This is the ideal orchard and vineyard spreader, as its reduced frame means little damage is done to the plants, a common by-product of larger equipment. The operational ability of the CompacSpread remains unaffected despite its smaller size, with performance being at its optimal. A welded construction gives the machine the strength to yield the best possible results and the specially treated and painted body helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • High-quality Painted mild steel bin and chassis construction is a welded construction made of sheet metal and plate while the chassis is constructed of a high grade tubing to offer addition strength and flex during operation.
  • Hitch Safety Chain is a precautionary measure taken in case the hitch, hitch bolts or tractor drawbar breaks during operation.
  • A robust parking jack makes for easy hitching and detachment of the machine before and after operation.
  • S-design Drawbar allows for a sharper turning circle ensuring greater and more streamlined movability.
  • Integrated Steel Grid is able to remove foreign objects 65mm in diameter and bigger that cause damage to the spreading mechanisms.
  • Orchard/Vineyard Spreading Kit is used to deflect material underneath trees and vines without distributing material directly behind the machine where it is not needed.
  • 3CR12 bin construction has a greater life span than that of Mild Steel and is used with mildly corrosive materials and in wetter climates where rust and corrosion is common.
  • 304 stainless steel bin construction is used mostly in coastal regions where highly corrosive materials are being applied. (304 Stainless Steel lasts up to 20 times longer than mild steel.)
  • Stand-alone hydraulic power-pack is used to supply sufficient oil flow to the various hydraulics on the machine should the tractor’s hydraulics be insufficient.
  • Rear Belt Attachment is an ideal solution for band placement.

LOAD CAPACITY (kg/lbs)3000 (6614)3000 (6614)5000 (11023)5000 (11023)
CAPACITY (m³/ft³)2.5 (88)2.5 (88)4.5 (159)4.5 (159)
REQ. OIL FLOW (l/min/gal/min)50 (13.2)110 (29)50 (13.2)110 (29)
EMPTY WEIGHT (kg/lbs)950 (2094)950 (2094)1450 (3197)1450 (3197)
AXLE (mm/inch)60 (2-3/8)60 (2-3/8)70 (2-3/4)7 (2-3/4)
WHEELS2 x 12.5/80-15.32 x 12.5/80-15.32 x 12.5/80-18.02 x 12.5/80-18.0
TRACTOR POWER REQUIREMENT (kw/hp)45 (60)46 (60)56 (75)56 (75)
A - OVERALL LENGTH (mm/inch)4600 (181-1/8)4600 (181-1/8)6000 (236-1/4)6000 (236-1/4)
B - DRAWBAR LENGTH (mm/inch)1541 (60-11/16)1541 (60-11/16)1541 (60-11/16)1541 (60-11/16)
C - BIN LENGTH (mm/inch)2400 (94-1/2)2400 (94-1/2)360 (141-3/4)3600 (141-3/4)
D - REAR SECTION LENGTH (mm/inch)800 (31-1/2)800 (31-1/2)800 (31-1/2)800 (31-1/2)
E - OVERALL WIDTH (mm/inch)1500 (59-1/16)1500 (59-1/16)1958 (77-1/16)1958 (77-1/16)
F - BIN WIDTH (mm/inch)1300 (51-3/16)1300 (51-3/16)1300 (51-3/16)1300 (51-3/16)
G - WHEEL CENTRES (mm/inch)1350 (53-3/16)1350 (53-3/16)1650 (64-15/16)1650 (64-15/16)
H - OVERALL HEIGHT (mm/inch)1900 (74-3/4)1900 (14)1850 (72-7/8)1850 (72-7/8)
I - HITCH HEIGHT (mm/inch)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)
J - AXLE HEIGHT (mm/inch)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)430 (16-15/16)