Rock Pickers

Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering has joined forces with world-renowned Canadian manufacturers Schulte, importing their Rotary Cutters and now also their Rock Pickers and Windrowers. These rocking picking equipment are ideal for anyroad maintenance or rock picking jobs on the farm.

The Rock Picker gathers up the windrowed stones into a hopper to cart them off the field. The tine bars are spring loaded – when there is a large rock, the spring stretches to absorb the shock loading. These units windrow scattered rock from 5cm to 69cm diameter, into neat rows, greatly reducing the time required to  clear rock and debris from the field.

Fields full of rocks are a menace for all farmers – some might even feel there is a new crop of stones each season. This creates havoc on harrowing, harvesting and mowing machines. Due to the increasing costs of manual labour over the last couple of years, mechanical stone and rock picking have become a critical part of farming. This increases the lifespan of other implements as well as productivity, and helps to save time.

  • Extra-long hitch pole is adjusted from transport to field position by means of a hydraulic cylinder and improves the picking performance by positioning the rock picker grate to the side of the tractor for ease of visual picking.
  • The Flow Control Kit helps to control the reel speed when hydraulic flow cannot be adjusted on the tractor.
  • High performance hydraulic motor is coupled with a crossover relief valve, which cushions shock loads on the reel.
  • Durable tapered T-iron grates eliminate jamming while sifting soil.
  • Large heavy wire batt springs hold batts firmly in place and cushion shock loads.
  • Heavy duty tires provide superior floatation and wear resistance.
  • High trip clearance reel provides superior performance in collecting all rock sizes from 5 to 69cm diameter due       to the three bat reel design.
  • Grated hopper bottom allows soil to be sifted out the rock and returned to the lands.
  • Heavy Duty Grate & Reel is hardened with 450 steel and replicable grate teeth.

Standard Grate & Reel Good for windrowed rocks or all around stone picking (Grate & reel with 0.95cm thick square batts and 13.97cm spacing)

Minimum Till Wide Grate & Reel Good for spot picking in fields where you want to reduce trash and residue picked (Grate & reel with 0.95cm thick square batts and no till grate with 8.33cm spacing)

Heavy Duty Grate & Reel Designed to pick large heavy windrowed rocks (Grate & reel with hardened 450 steel & replaceable grate teeth with 5.39cm spacing)

Other Options

  • CE Shielding Kit
  • Hydraulic swing hitch
  • Rubber bumpers for dumping into trucks
  • HK-340 Reservoir Kit

HOPPER SIZE (m³/ft³)1.9 (67)2.29 (80)
TRACTOR POWER REQUIREMENT (kw/hp)56-112 (75-150)56-112 (75-150)
TRACTOR HYDRAULIC REQUIREMENTS (l/min)45 @ 125 bar45 @ 150 bar
PICK ROCKS SIZE (mm/inch)50 - 690 (2-27-3/16)50 - 690 (2-27-3/16)
WHEELS16.5L X 16.1 X 10 PLY16.5L X 16.1 X 10 PLY
RECOMMENDED REEL SPEED36-37 rpm36-37 rpm
PICKING WIDTH (mm/inch)1524 (60)1524 (60)
DUMPING HEIGHT (mm/inch)1245 (49)2438 (96)
OVERALL WIDTH (mm/inch)2896 (114)2921 (115)
OVERALL LENGTH (mm/inch)5207 (205)5816 (229)
TRANSPORT HEIGHT (mm/inch)1245 (49-1/16)2438 (96)
WEIGHT (kg/lbs)2254 (4970)2929 (6458)