Universal Grader

The Universal Grader is by far the most versatile and practical tractor-drawn road grader on the market today. All the operations for this grader are carried out from a safe, comfortable operator’s chair on the grader itself, which uses the tractor’s hydraulic supply. With a 360-degree view and fast-acting controls, the operator can respond to the terrain quickly and effectively. Without the added stresses of speed and direction-control, the operator can focus on creating the perfect road surface. With a wider blade than Uni-Grader, the Universal Grader also boasts a bigger build, making it ideal for larger-scale projects. The Universal Grader also allows the operator to maintain a constant straight course, even if the tractor itself deviates slightly, making it ideal for low-hanging areas or embankments where the tractor alone cannot reach. The unique feature of the Universal Grader is the operator’s safety chair, which is equipped with safety belts and arm rests.

  • Five-lever Hydraulic Control Valve uses the tractors hydraulic supply to carry out all operations of the Grader and is situated on the grader within easy reach of the operator.
  • Hydraulic Lift and Tilt is controlled by two independently regulated wheels and lift arms that smoothly and effortlessly changes the tilt of the blade during operation while working in uneven terrain with better control for a perfect surface finish.
  • Hydraulic Angling of the Blade sets the blade angle hydraulically at any time during operation, which alters the angle to assist with deeper cutting or greater load removal.
  • Hydraulic Steering assists with steering into a cut should the blade want to move in a certain direction and allows for off-centre blade positioning to work along fence lines or under low-lying branches and along steep embankments where tractors cannot pass and allows the operator to maintain a constant straight line even if the tractor driver deviates slightly off course.
  • Weighted Blade Box adds weight to the blade for a deeper surface penetration while allowing the machine to cut into the surface effortlessly regardless of the terrain and surface conditions.
  • Ballasted Wheel Arms adds more weight to the blade during operation while allowing for placement of additional weight on one side of the blade when it is required for a deep cut.
  • Reversible Cutting Edges comprise of two interchangeable cutting edges which allows for optimisation of wear on the blades by being able to swop the cutting edges from the left side to       the right side when the blade corners have worn round and lose their ability to penetrate.
  • Five-Shank Scarifier is positioned in front of the blade along the draw bar and is controlled by means of hydraulic cylinders from the operator’s seat which allow the scarifier to be lowered and raised as needed.  Which in turn rips up hard ground or compacted material that the blade can’t remove by itself.  The shanks also have depth control adjustments to adapt to all conditions.
  • Perfect hitch, Hitching System allows for a greater degree of movement in all directions between the machine and the tractor.
  • Operators Safety Chair is equipped with safety belts and arm rests to ensure operator safety and is strategically placed for the operator to access the controls with ease.

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BLADE WIDTH (mm/inch)3000 (118-1/8)
TRANSPORT WIDTH (mm/inch)2121 (83-1/2)
LENGTH (mm/inch)7750 (305-1/8)
TRANSPORT LENGTH (mm/inch)5630 (221-11/16)
WORKING HEIGHT (mm/inch)1457 (57-3/8)
WEIGHT (kg/lbs)2500 (5512)
WHEELS2 X 7.50 X 16.0