Agri Grader

Creating fire breaks, levelling tough earth, laying out new roads and any other sort of every-day maintenance is made easy with this hard-wearing, practical and versatile grader. The wide blade and additional weight for higher pressure make the Agri-Grader ideal for wider roads or for large areas. The Agri-Grader requires very little maintenance to keep it in good condition, as only the most durable materials are used in its manufacturing. Well thought-out controls and functionality make the machine user-friendly and accurate when it is most required. If you have a purpose other than agriculture, see our high-quality Radium Universal Grader.

  • Weighted Blade Box adds weight to the blade for a deeper surface penetration while allowing the machine to cut into the surface effortlessly regardless of the terrain and surface conditions.
  • Ballasted Wheel Arms add more weight to the blade during operation while allowing for placement of additional weight on one side of the blade when it is required for a deep cut.
  • Perfect hitch, Hitching System allows for a greater degree of movement in all directions between the machine and the tractor.
  • Reversible Cutting Edges comprise of two interchangeable cutting edges. This allows for optimisation of wear on the blades by being able to swop the cutting edges from the left side to the right side when the blade corners have worn round and lose their ability to penetrate
  • Hydraulic Lift and Tilt is controlled by two independently regulated wheels and lift arms that smoothly and effortlessly changes the tilt of the blade during operation while working in uneven terrain with better control for a perfect surface finish
  • Two-Lever Hydraulic Control valve allow the graders to be used on tractors that have only one hydraulic port.  The valve is mounted on the side of the tractor where the operator can reach it and operates the independently controlled wheels to alter the lift and the tilt of the blade.
  • Mechanical Blade Angling sets the angle of the blade through a series of pre-defined holes which locks the blade in to the required angle that ensures the blade angel does not shift during operation.
  • Off-Centre Operation allows the machine to work off-centre of the tractor’s operating centre, which enables the machine to work along fence lines or under low-lying branches and along steep embankments where tractors cannot pass.

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BLADE WIDTH (mm/inch)2400(94-1/2)3000 (118-1/8)
TRANSPORT WIDTH (mm/inch)1697(66-13/16)2121(83-1/2)
LENGTH (mm/inch)5839(229-15/16)6933(272-15/16)
TRANSPORT LENGTH (mm/inch)4092(161-1/8)4812 (189-7/16)
WORKING HEIGHT (mm/inch)992(39-1/16)105(41-3/8)
WEIGHT (kg/lbs)1000 (2205)1500 (3307)
WHEELS2 X 6.00 X 16.02 X 7.50 X 16.0
BLADE ANGLE0° - 45°0° - 45°