3 Point Grader

Radium Engineering

This light-duty maintenance grader couples directly to the tractor’s three-point linkage, making levelling easy and hassle-free. The basic design allows for all road maintenance operations to be carried out mechanically. The blade can be rotated 360 degrees for pushing and levelling out uneven land. Tilting, rotation and off-centre operation are all included in the grader’s performance ability. The mechanical blade tilt means that chambers or contour lines are easily creatable by this stellar piece of equipment, and it can easily get to hard-to-reach or uneven places.

  • Weighted Mouldboard adds additional weight on the cutting edge and increases ground penetration, while preventing the machine from moving around during operation.
  • Mechanical Blade Tilt adjusts the blade from left to right, which easily creates a chamber on the road surface or on contours.
  • Off-Centre Operation allows the blade to work in an off-centre position to work along fence lines or under low-lying branches where tractors cannot pass.
  • 360 Degree Blade Rotation sets the blade to fixed points for the required angle which allows material to move to the desired side of the blade.  Full blade rotation allows the blade to work in the reverse direction to push or level various materials and areas.
  • Depth Control sets the working depth by means or two, rear, depth control skids and also prevents removing too much material.
  • Category I and II Hitch allows the operator to easily switch between bigger and smaller tractors.

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BLADE WIDTH (mm)2400 (94-1/2)
TRANSPORT WIDTH (mm)2078 (81-13/16)
LENGTH (mm)984 (38-3/4)
TRANSPORT LENGTH (mm)984 (38-3/4)
WORKING HEIGHT (mm)1130 (44-1/2)
WEIGHT (kg's)300 (661)
HITCH (cat.)I & II