Farm equipment mixers to improve your animals’ appetite

Radium Engineering has a wide range of farm equipment for sale to cater for the many different types of farming activities and farm sizes. Farm equipment and farm implements form part of the farmer’s all-important input costs every year. Profitability in crop and livestock production and in poultry farming is largely driven by input cost management – the lower the total of input costs, the greater the profits!

So, when it comes to buying agricultural equipment, it’s a question of weighing up the costs as well as ensuring that you buy the right piece of farming equipment that South Africa has on offer. This is to ensure that you don’t sit with an implement or piece of machinery that’s not 100 percent suitable for the job that you want to use it for on the farm.

The right mix in poultry feeding

For poultry farmers, production cost is one of your main considerations while you decide on the exact amounts of feed and the types of feed to use to achieve optimum nutritional value for your broiler birds.  

With feed being one of your more expensive input costs – making up to a whopping 70 percent of total costs for broiler production – you can mitigate costs and still be efficient. Also, remember that the cost of fodder changes depending on the cost of maize and other raw materials used to make poultry feed. In the end, savings on fodder translates into bigger profits in your pocket, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Vertical Feed Mixers

Vertical Feed Mixers can shred and combine all the components of a unifeed ration and all the models in the Xeno range can be loaded with whole round or square bales. These machines are used for processing great quantities of fibrous products like straw and hay, in particular, making it an ideal piece of agricultural machinery for both livestock and poultry producers on small- to medium-sized farms with narrow or low ways.

It’s these smaller sized poultry farms that can benefit from using a Vertical Feed Mixer to help get the feed mix right, improve nutrition and save on costs of fodder.  These trailed mixer wagons come with either one, two or three vertical augers. The augers have a differential diameter spiral equipped with knives and counter-knives.

And, remember, there are also farmers who grow their own livestock feed because it costs less than commercial feed. These farmers too can benefit greatly by using vertical mixers if they’re farming on a large enough scale. If not, getting the feed mix right can be done by hand.

Horizontal Feed Mixers

The horizontal mixer is a trailed wagon with two horizontal counter-rotating augers. The machine is designed for the prompt shredding and mixing of all kinds of products such as maize, cereals and seeds to get a soft and uniform unifeed ration for your poultry and livestock to easily consume. It is possible to load whole round and square bales into these machines without any pre-cutting required, making it a convenient piece of feeding equipment for farmers.

Horizontal Feed Mixers are a terrific help in precision feeding and evenly mixing large quantities of feed. These units are more suitable for larger farms. Exceptional construction quality assures that the mixers and wagons last a lifetime and are reliable with low running expenses and most importantly, the equipment helps you achieve tip-top results with your farm feeding schemes.It’s clear that both types of mixers, which are available for sale in South Africa, have their benefits. The type of mixer you use will depend on the type and size of your farm and your unique feed needs. Contact Radium today for more product information and to chat with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.