Why any kind of farm will benefit from these three Radium Engineering products.

Radium Engineering has supplied innovative and dependable farming equipment to farmers across South Africa since its inception in 1976. Radium Engineering manufactures its equipment according to strict guidelines and standards, ensuring that farmers receive the highest quality innovative equipment.We only sell exceptional equipment to improve farming methods and practices, and are also at the forefront of agricultural engineering research and development; ensuring we have a finger on the pulse of all the latest trends. When you purchase a Radium Engineering product, you’ll be investing in the best that money can buy because satisfying the needs of farmers both locally and abroad, has always been our company’s core purpose. Rest assured, with years of valuable experience and expertise in the agricultural industry, we remain every farmer’s answer to every agricultural need, irrespective of the type of farming activity.

How to choose appropriate equipment for your farm

Farmers need to decide which equipment, in the form of machines and implements, are best suited to the needs of their farm. With so many machines from which to choose, each offering different specialist abilities, it may prove difficult to make a final decision. There are, however, three Radium products that will benefit any type of farm, whether you’re a sheep farmer in the Karoo, a maize farmer in the Free State, a wheat farmer in the Swartland, or the owner of a vineyard in Stellenbosch.

The ProCut rotary cutter

The cost-effective ProCut rotary cutter is a prime example of Radium Engineering’s design philosophy. It has been specifically engineered to handle maintenance and light work effortlessly, so that farmers can spend their time on other important tasks. Where farm roads are corrugated and potholed or vegetation needs clearing to make a road, the ProCut rotary cutter is the ideal workhorse to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The ProCut rotary cutter is great at stacking hay too.


  • Ultra robust frame and body construction – protects the operator from flying objects.
  • Detachable deflector plates – holds the material for a longer period with increased mulching effect.
  • Adjustable hitches – allows the operator to move the hitches up to 150mm off centre.
  • Floating hitch – keeps the machine straight and level.
  • Heavy-duty driveline – creates a low maintenance solution without human error.
  • Bolts – anti-rotational resistance.
  • Deck ring – prevents blades from rising when obstacles are encountered and also helps with material flow.

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red tractor mowing grass

The Schulte Rock Windrower

With the best resources, knowledge and skills available to them, Radium Engineering outshines other agricultural equipment manufacturers in South Africa by far. Sometimes however, a machine may be so specialised that Radium Engineering joins forces with international suppliers, such as world-renowned Canadian agricultural equipment manufacturers Schulte, to provide South African and international farmers with the best equipment available in the world.  Radium Engineering imports a selection of Schulte’s machines – amongst others the Rock Picker and Windrower.

The Rock Windrower is useful for collecting small to medium-sized rocks and for transforming them into neat rows, ready for scooping up by a rock picker. The Windrower is also ideal for picking up roots, tree-stumps, small logs and other debris, which are scattered when clearing land.  The Rock Windrower has a roto-tilling action, which breaks lumps and levels the ground, and its tooth length increases its ability to fine-comb and rake rocks. If you need to even land and rid it of rocks, then the Rock Windrower is the most viable option.


  • Ultra-narrow transport width – allows easy transport from field to field.
  • Windrows 5-69cm rocks – creates uniform rows and a level, clean field.
  • Heavy-duty PTO driveline – protects against excessive shock loads.
  • Enclosed final drive chain – allows for longer service life.
  • Heavy-duty windrow drum – constructed from a heavy wall of high tensile strength steel tube.
  • Hard-surfaced teeth – enables problem-free operation, even in difficult conditions.
  • Drum Speed – reduced to 117rpm from 540rpm

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rock removing farm equipment

The Schulte Rock Picker

You’ll be saving yourself heaps of effort and hard labour when you choose the Rock Picker for your farming arsenal. Every farmer can attest to the destructive effect rocks can have on harrowing, harvesting and mowing equipment. By investing in the Schulte Rock Picker, you save yourself the trouble of removing rocks manually and you prevent damage to your agricultural machines and equipment.

The Rock Picker does exactly what its name says – it picks up windrowed rocks and transports them off the field. The Schulte Rock Picker has tine bars, which are spring loaded, which means that the spring stretches to absorb the shock when there is a large rock to pick up. The Rock Picker is built to pick up rocks from 5cm to 69cm in diameter, and places them in neat rows.


  • Extra-long hitch pole – improves picking performance.
  • The Flow Control Kit – helps control the reel speed.
  • High performance hydraulic motor – cushions shock loads on the reel.
  • Durable tapered T-iron grates – eliminates jamming while sifting soil.
  • Large heavy wire batt springs – hold batts firmly in place and cushion shock loads.
  • Heavy-duty tyres – provide superior floatation and wear resistance.
  • High trip clearance reel – provides superior performance in collecting all rock sizes.
  • Grated hopper bottom – allows soil to be sifted from rock.
  • Heavy-duty grate and reel – hardened with 450 steel and replicable grate teeth.

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rock picker

Any farmer can rely on Radium Engineering to supply state-of-the-art equipment needed to farm successfully and to make a good living from agriculture.